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ICAO Asia-Pacific Flight Procedure Programme (FPP) was established in October 2009.

Recognizing the need for a regional center of excellence in the field of flight procedure design and to support ICAO Assembly Resolution A36-23 on Performance Based Navigation (PBN) implementation, ICAO Asia-Pacific PBN Task Force recommended ICAO APANPIRG to establish the FPP. In September 2009, APANPIRG during its twentieth meeting endorsed the concept. With supports from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the FPP office was established and located in Beijing, China hosted by the China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology (CAST).

The FPP is established with the goals of developing the States’ capabilities in the instrument flight procedure domain, especially in the areas of procedure design, and regulatory oversight of the procedure design service provider. The FPP will employ best practices in training, automation and quality assurance with experts in the field to address the procedure design needs and enhance the capabilities of the States. The programme being established by select Civil Aviation Administrations in the Asia-Pacific Region, other Civil Aviation Administrations in the Asia-Pacific Region may also join, by signing on to the Programme Document and making a financial contribution.

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